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CHUMPS Press Kit

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Chumps met in NYC, but they don't care about geography. They take desert rock and infuse it with Midwestern nihilism and Southern Californian anger. Their fucked up pop sensibility is like a battle between 'Fun House' style sex-grooves, chromatic guitar riffage and Freddie Mercury on some bad acid. It's loud, obnoxious, post-apocalyptic rock that will make you wonder if you'd enjoy sex with a burning corpse. Paul is a preacher's son, and you can tell. There's no good in the world he describes, only brainwashing Scientologists, unholy raptures, brutal pimps, cheap prostitutes, blood eating rats, and bastard cops. Tom and Sol met over ten years ago in Western Massachusetts and have been making punk rock ever since. Todd's not sure what punk is, but he brought some AC/DC style discipline, shit talking, and whiskey into the fold.

vocals: Paul
guitar: Sol
bass: Tom
drums: Todd



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Behold a band that has mastered the craft of heavy instrumental music. Old Man Lady Luck are three musicians who've also contributed to other New Haven, Connecticut bands including the Vultures, Bloarzeyd and Murdervan. These local music veterans put together a subterfuge of heavy riffs with plenty of interesting instrumental hooks and dynamics. Started as a side project, Old Man Lady Luck has evolved into the go-to band for these musicians and their fans. The new untitled LP packs a wallop as expected with the recording at Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago by Steve Albini. The subtle layers of Old Man Lady Luck from their live performance remain intact on the recording with clicking on the strings, swelling decrescendos, and guitar tone malfunctions.

guitar: phil law
bass: warren brelsford
drums: andre roman



In 2009, Keith Shiv and Mike Mayo met again in a mid-30s couch surfing recession slump. They have been playing music (on and off) since high school in the 80s. Back in the day, Keith and Mike toured and recorded as Shiv from 1992 to 1996. They released two CDs and several seven inches and toured the US.

As The Clearer, Keith and Mike wrote amazing new songs, recruited Greg Sirianni to play guitar and Ryan Welcome on bass. The seven inch has four tunes recorded and engineered by Mike Mayo and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. With head nodding beats and guitar amps cranked up to 10, The Clearer tighrope between obnoxiously loud and songwriting intelegencia.

Keith Shiv - Guitar and Vocals
Mike Mayo - Drums
Greg Sirianni - Guitar
Ryan Welcome - Bass


WRY Press Kit

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Photos by Summer Stone

WRY is a post-punk band hailing from New Haven, Connecticut featuring members of Slackjaw, Keenesaw, Shiv and Black Noise Scam. In 2008 they started the WRY project pulling from slower more meaningful indie influences like Nick Cave and Black Heart Procession. WRY kick up the dirt with some loud dissonance and spooky guitar effects and have supported several national acts recently including …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead and The Beets.

WRY maintains the tradition of DIY and very active playing basement shows, all ages shows and club dates. Every house gig and performance is approached like the first and last time, bringing an energy that is the core of lifelong musicians and WRY band members Jerry Morgan, Keith Shiv, Nick Jeanette and Ryan Taylor.

In 2010 they released their first 7 Inch on Forge Records. The New Haven Advocate April, 2010 wrote, "While a lot Connecticut rockers grow soft and cease to trying so hard to say something meaningful as they march through their 20s, Morgan's (WRY singer) passion remains intact, and he's avoided falling into a pattern of repeating himself."" Listen to tracks from WRY on

Band Members:
Keith Shiv - Guitar
Ryan Taylor - Drums
Nick Jeanette - Guitar